Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool

Opening Hours: 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM (Daily)

Located in Level 3M, the outdoor swimming pool can be utilized by our in-house guests.

Spa and Reflexology
Spa and Reflexology

Elevate your mind, body and soul with a wide selection and the right blend of traditional treatments designed to get you relaxed, recharged and revitalized!

All our body massages are conceptualized to provide guests with the perfect indulgence and pampering. Other spa treatment packages are also available, all specially designed for ladies, men, couples and honeymooners.

Fitness Facility
Fitness Facility

Opening Hours: 24 Hours (Only for in-house Guests)
Normal operation is 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM. For members and outsiders, you need to comply with the normal operation hours.
Procedure for In-house guests for gym usage:

  • Any request to utilize the gym by in-house guests after 10:00 PM, should go through Front Office.
  • Front Office should then inform Security.
  • Front Office and Security department to be aware of any movement activities at the gym after 10:00 PM.

Located on level 3M, our Fitness Facility is open to all our in-house guests. To ensure the safety and convenience of our guests, below are the rules and regulations to follow during your visit to the facility:

  • Use facilities and equipment at your own risk.
  • Use equipment properly and follow directions carefully.
  • No food and drinks (except water). Strictly no smoking.
  • Proper training attire should be worn at all times while in the Fitness Centre. No jeans or street clothes will be permitted.
  • Proper training shoes should be worn. No open-toed slippers or sandals.
  • Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Report any damaged equipment to management immediately. DO NOT USE.
  • Please return all equipment to its place and wipe down machines after use.